To DIY or NOT to DIY

I have two sides: my Wonder Woman side and my Ms. Practical side.

This past November, Wonder Woman got the idea to install wainscoting and chair railing in the kitchen all by herself.

I don’t know how she thought she could accomplish this.  I mean, she didn’t have the time or the right tools or, most importantly, the know how…but you know how superheroes can be.

Especially if they have access to Google.

At first, all Wonder Woman managed to do was purchase half of the wainscoting she actually needed and prop it against the wall…

…where it sat, untouched, for seven months.

At long last, Ms. Practical finally stepped in and hired a professional to get the job done.  It was a very liberating moment!

As of yesterday morning, our kitchen walls looked like this:

As of THIS morning, they looked like this:

Hopefully by weeks end the wainscoting should all be hung and ready for painting.  HURRAY!

When they are not battling over whom should do what, Wonder Woman and Ms. Practical manage to agree on the execution of a few choice house projects.  For instance, they both acknowledged the need to hire a  professional for the removal of these pesky upper cabinets:

Cabinets are a good thing.

I ADORE cabinets!

Unless they are invading the space of an otherwise spacious kitchen:

Another project my ladies know they are not capable of doing themselves is removing the kitchen’s unsightly and dysfunctional fluorescent lighting.  

Especially the dratted fluorescent light above the sink.

It’s a finicky light.

If it’s raining outside, it doesn’t work.

If I really, really need the it to work, it doesn’t work.

The only time it does work is if it’s dry and sunny outside, and even then, I have to whack the box a few times with a wine bottle to get it to wake up:

Malfunction aside, who would putrify a lovely scalloped trim with a fluorescent lighting box?

Thankfully, these lighting problems are on their way to being solved this week as well by the installation of this gorgeous collection of lighting I picked up at Lowes.

I’m very proud of my selection.  Not only because it’s beautiful, but because it’s what I really wanted.

Ms. Practical: “If you buy what you really want the first time around, you only have to do the job once!”

Wonder Woman: “Yeah, and it only took you 30 years to realize that!”

To DIY, or NOT to DIY?  I’ve come to realize that it doesn’t matter which one I choose as long as there is progress.  Sometimes, there’s nothing like standing back and admiring the work or your own hands…and sometimes, there’s nothing like standing back and admiring the work of somebody else’s.


I am linking up with Pancakes and French Fries’ William Morris Project.  Find your inspiration today…or hire it!


Here is a sneak-peek of a little side project I’ve been playing with the past month.  Will it be finished by next week?  Here’s hoping…


10 thoughts on “To DIY or NOT to DIY

    • They received solid reviews at The one complaint? was that the bulbs gave more of a subtle orange glow versus a super-duper bright glow. Can’t wait to have them installed!

  1. Sometimes it does feel nice to look back and admire someone else’s work! That made me laugh. Usually, I am working at our work because it is so much more affordable than other people’s!

    • For the most part, this is true. But working a full-time job and running the local farmers market leaves me roughly one day to get anything done. In my case, time IS money. 🙂

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