Now You See Them…Now You Don’t!

Now you see the dated, view-blocking cabinets…

…and now you don’t!

When I returned home from work yesterday evening and entered our “new” kitchen, I just stood and stared.

For a loooong time.


Wow, wow, wow.

The first time I saw this small strip of cabinets, I knew they had to go bye-bye because they isolated the cooking area from the dining area, and what hostess/cook wants to be separated from her dinner guests?Β  With the cabinets out, our kitchen is a much warmer, more open space.

Ahhhhhh!Β  Seeing one completed project puts fresh wind in my sails to get even more completed.

Guess I should start by painting our dry island…


13 thoughts on “Now You See Them…Now You Don’t!

  1. It looks so much better! Found you through the WMP, and so glad I did. We’re also telling a story of life improvement through home improvement. So nice to find someone else doing the same kind of thing.

    • I enjoy your posts, too, because it seems like one of us is either doing or about to do or has done the same project.:) Hang in there with all the hard work. It’s an adventure for sure!

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