Our Return to Civilization

“A place for everything, everything in its place.” -Benjamin Franklin

When I first started my furniture painting project back in January, I thought every piece would be completed by February or March at the latest.  I never guessed that Dave and I would spend the next six months living like refugees.

For a while, our system of storing clothes and toiletries in bags, hampers and piles on the floor seemed to work.  And then things got messy.

“Where are the nail clippers?”  “Where are my socks?” “Where is the sunscreen?!!”

Every time I turned around, I was hunting for something.  It was madness!

And then my cat began having urinary tract problems.

If you’ve ever had a cat that has had pee-pee problems, then you know they stop using the litter box and start relieving themselves on everything that is soft like rugs, couches and piles of laundry:

Not only did I have to worry about where to find my gym socks, I had to worry if they had been peed on by our sick kitty.  (She’s all better now, though, THANK GOD!)

Finally, after six chaotic months, I was FED UP!

Since all I lacked on my project was painting the hardware, I grabbed a few cans of spray paint and my screwdriver and went to work putting the finishing touches on every knob and handle.

Et voila!

The only thing left to do was to move everything upstairs!  (Not an easy task since our staircase is steep and narrow.)

Having survived this near-death experience, I rewarded myself by lining every drawer with the lovely shelf paper I purchased a couple weeks prior.

(Would you have guessed that I purchased this pretty paper from Dollar General?)

After researching the best way to remove cat urine smell from clothes (a cup of vinegar!), I washed all of our laundry and with great relish, Dave and I folded our clothes….and placed them in our dresser.

CLOTHES in DRAWERS!!  Such a simple yet profound luxury!

Brody was so pleased with our hard work that he took a nap.

Now that our clothes had a home, my next task was to fix up the guest bathroom closet so that we could have a place to put our make-me-pretty supplies.

I sifted through every cotton ball, Q-tip and bottle of medicine we owned and either tossed it…

…or transferred it to a stylish basket or jar:

Pickle jars and Starbucks Frappuccino bottles were the perfect containers for my bath salts and hair pins.

A monogrammed plate became the perfect place for keeping all of our implements contained but also in plain sight.


I am truly amazed at how much peace has entered our household now that we have a place for everything and everything is in it’s place.  Civilization, it’s good to be back.


Do you lack a level of civility but need more inspiration?  Check out the William Morris Project at Pancakes and French Fries and finish that project today!

Now that you are inspired, could you nominate my blog for the 2nd Annual Country Living Blue Ribbon Blogger Awards?  Follow this link.  Thanks!


19 thoughts on “Our Return to Civilization

  1. Wow! Nothing like pet pee to light a motivational fire! Our Chihuahuas have given me a neverending reason to keep everything off the floor…always. Love all your jars and glass things in the bathroom too, I bet it feels so fancy to get ready now!

  2. I can really relate to this post. We’ve been working on our master bathroom for months now, and about two weeks ago we had to move all the stuff out of it. I don’t have any cat pee to contend with, but I’m sick of the mess in our adjoining bedroom and not knowing where stuff is. Can’t wait until I can write a post like this!

    • Bless your heart, Rita! Any room with plumbing is a challenge to remodel. How frustrating and yet, I bet your reveal is gonna be a wower. 🙂 Are you doing a complete makeover?

  3. I agree with you on the sense of peace. That’s what I’m getting in my home, too. It’s a great feeling. (And that shelf paper is great!)

  4. That is a beautiful set of drawers! Silver and white makes anything look fresh and clean. 🙂 Poor kitty, glad she’s better now. I’ll remember the vinegar solution, just in case our cats have an accident (right now they just like to spit up where we can easily find it…or step on it.) I love re-using glass jars and often buy stuff because I really like the jars! 🙂

    • If you buy things for the jars, then you are getting two items for one! 🙂 My Brody used to spit up a lot when he was on a dry-food only diet. No hairballs or accidents since we switched to canned food.

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