My Little Loves: The Tiger Melon

While wandering through the Clyde Farmers Market this past Saturday, I spotted these beauties:

Tiger melons?

Never heard of them!

The local farmer who grows these fragrant specimens informed me that in Victorian times, people carried a smaller, non-edible version of the tiger melon in their pocket as a form of perfume.

(Those smelly Victorians.  What will they think of next?)

Picking up a melon (they are about the size of a softball), I brought it to my nose and inhaled.


With just one sniff I was sold.  After paying for my tiger melon, I walked around with it glued to my nose for the remainder of the morning.  I was enjoying the sweet, floral aroma so much, in fact, that I almost didn’t want to ruin it by eating it.

I said “almost”…

Interesting!  I wasn’t expecting the flesh to be so pale.

I took a bite.

And then another.

And another.

So juicy!  Its flavor and texture was a cross between a cantaloupe and a pear–very refreshing.

The local farmer’s wife informed me that a scoop of ice cream in the center of a tiger melon made the perfect summer dessert.  Hmm, I’ll have to try that with my next one…


(Hey, I can’t eat a tiger melon without making tiger face!)


For more information on our talented, tiger-melon-growing farmers visit their website at  (I double-dog dare you to sign up for their newsletter, too!)

If your are in the area, please stop by the Clyde Farmers Market.  We’d love to have ya!  Check out our Facebook page at Clyde Texas, Inc. for more photos and information.

Have a terrrrrrific Tuesday!


7 thoughts on “My Little Loves: The Tiger Melon

  1. I bought a watermelon from their third-grader last Saturday! He was so cute and bragged about planting and harvesting them himself…so, of course, this school teacher just HAD to get one! (Little boys with a smattering of freckles on their noses and/or little girls in glasses should NOT be allowed to sell things, imho…teachers are SUCKERS for that sort of thing!)

    P.S. You and your cats and tigers. I’ll bet you wouldn’t have parted with your $2.00 if they’d been called Spaniel Melons…

    • Gah ha! You are too funny, Kristy! But you’re right, Spaniel Melons, Lab Melons, Dobermelons–I wouldn’t want them. 😉 And yes, that kid was TOO precious.

  2. I am all up for trying new things, bit never seen a tiger melon. I will be on the look out for those feisty balls of fruit!

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