The Fabulous Clyde Farmers Market

One of the first things Dave and I were told upon moving to Clyde, America two Augusts ago was that the town had good soil.  Apples, peaches, pears, figs, pomegranates, tomatoes–you name it, Clyde grew it!  In fact, Clyde used to be known as the “Little California” of Texas because virtually anything could be cultivated in its soil.

At one point, Clyde even shipped its bounty of produce across Texas via the train that runs through town.  And back before regulations spoiled all the fun, residents sold their crops, eggs, milk and cheese at the local grocery store.  Unfortunately, as time passed, farms dissipated, fruit trees were forgotten and less people grew gardens.

Nevertheless, time was not enough to stop the growing spirit of Clyde!  There are still plenty of green thumbs around who make the most of this sandy loam, and as a way to further encourage and bolster this growing community, a farmers market was started by a local organization the same summer Dave and I moved to town.

Sadly, the organization had no plans for continuing the market, but considering the devastating drought of 2011, it wouldn’t have mattered anyway.

Thankfully, though, we received semi-steady rain this past spring, and it was this rain that encouraged me to go ahead and organize another market.

So that’s what I did.

The Clyde Farmers Market was reborn on June 2, 2012 and thanks to a bounty of amazing vendors and supportive customers, it has been such a success!  Some weeks, most of our vendors sell out.  Other weeks, they spend more than they earn at their neighbors tables.  But EVERY week, everyone spends the morning enjoying each others company until it’s time to go home.

I must say, I knew Clyde was a friendly town, but I did not expect to meet such above-and-beyond warm and generous people while organizing this market!

Therefore, I encourage you to stop by one Saturday between now and September 29th from 7-11am on North 1st Street.  You might purchase a pound of okra or a carton of eggs, but the best thing you will take home with you is the kindness  you were shown at the Clyde Farmers Market!

Here is a peek into the fun we have each week:

I cant decide which is sweeter, The Clowers or their peaches!

A passing train is the perfect backdrop to these jars of local honey.

Our local craft vendors like to make the most of their time.

Why limit a farmers market to food?  Pick up a melon AND a colorfully crocheted hat!

Mr. Van Vleet demonstrates how he creates his handmade fishing lures.

We love our vendors and customers!

Follow the sign, support local agriculture!

See ya at the Market!


3 thoughts on “The Fabulous Clyde Farmers Market

  1. Every Friday I wake up and declare I am going to bake all day and make it there saturday moning – but so far something has always foiled my plans!

    Well this week I SHALL be there!!!!

    I will be bringing some baked goods to sell!! Banana bread, zucchinin bread, maybe some brownies or fuirt hand pies?!?!? We shall see!!!!!!!!! 😀

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