You can either fry your vegetables yourself, OR…

…you can let nature do it for you.

At this point, is it worth watering my garden anymore?


8 thoughts on “Fried

  1. I say, rip out the dead stuff and toss or burn it, in case there is any disease in it, then shore up the living stuff and water only that until you decide on a fall crop. You could also start an inground compost pile on the unplanted area.

    • Good idea! I will do this with pleasure. I am tired of looking at dead plants. I would like to start more butternut squash–don’t know if they will make it to October,though. But I am willing to try my hand at lettuces.

  2. We’ve finally gotten heat here in the NW. Nothing like the rest of the country, but I’m feeling your pain in a different way now. No AC (because we have so few hot days) and temps in the 90s have me fried!

  3. It’s crazy isn’t it? So sad. I still have some herbs, but our tomatoes pretty much look like yours so do the cucumber plants, okra, squash and beans. The heat is so intense during the day, I don’t think it helps to water at this point. 😦

  4. Ours is still looking okay-ish and we’re getting fruit, but we did have to prune alot of dead stuff back and help the plants spread out. We have a water well and that helps alot, but things have certainly slowed down due to heat.

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