A Heart-Warming Cat Story

I’ve always considered myself a crazy cat lady, but as of yesterday, I think I stepped into the realm of cat whisperer….

A few months after Dave and I moved into our house, we met a sweet little stray cat.  We named her Misty.

Misty has since had three litters of kittens, and even though we’ve fed her and showered her with affection, she has not once chosen to birth her babies on our property.

As a kitten fiend, this naturally offends me.

The first time we noticed that she was expecting, I set out a box for her by our back door.

“Here, kitty.  Hint, hint!”

Misty was not impressed.

Before her next litter, I tried to make our old shed as friendly as possible.

“How about this place?  Look at all that room!”


For this last litter, I decided to go ALL out!  I made sure Misty had food and fresh water twice a day.  I also gave her frequent back and neck massages to relieve the aches and pains caused by her swollen belly.  Dave and I even spent some time cleaning the garage out and assembling a cozy birthing suite:

This past Sunday, Misty had all the signs of a cat about to go into labor.  Crossing our fingers, Dave and I spoke a little blessing over the very-pregnant cat, showed her the birthing box in the garage one last time and hoped for the best.

And then we waited.

When I arrived home last night, I rushed to the garage, fully expecting to see a handful of squirming kittens.  Instead, all I found was an empty box.

“No worries,” I assured myself, “Maybe she hasn’t had them yet.”

But when Misty finally came around for dinner, her deflated belly answered that question.

I was beyond disappointed.

“Oh, Misty!  How could you?” I cried.

She just gave me a look and bit my big toe.

Later that evening, as Dave and I ate a silent dinner on our back deck, Misty walked up, stretched out under our feet and waited for a handout.

“I can’t believe you, Misty,” I scolded. “I was so certain you would let us see your kittens this time.  You sadden me.”

From there, I got up and tried to distract myself by picking what was left of the tomatoes in our garden.  But all I could think of was no kittens, no kittens, no kittens.

I was about to go inside when I saw Misty approaching me from across the yard, holding what appeared to be a rat in her mouth.  As she got closer, I could see that her parcel was a kitten.  She looked me straight in the eyes before releasing her baby onto the deck as if to say, “Here!  You happy now?”

Never one to miss a kitteh opportuniteh, I picked up the squirming, furry body.

Be still my heart!

Hunching over so that Mama could see her little one, I walked the kitten into the garage and placed it in the birthing box.  At first, Misty seemed hesitant, but by the end of the evening she had brought the remainder of her litter over from their original spot across the street and into the box.

I was beyond overjoyed.

I was also very touched.  Somehow, Misty knew how badly I wanted to see those kittens…so she brought them to me.

I’m grateful this misty-colored stray cat understands me.

I also can’t wait to get home and see them kittehs!



If you think I’m a little crazy, it’s because I am.



This will be Misty’s last litter because we are getting her fixed the minute those babies are weaned!



16 thoughts on “A Heart-Warming Cat Story

    • She has been really hard to catch between litters. The minute she comes back around from her roamings, she is pregnant again! Keeping the kittens nearby means I can tell when she stops weaning.

  1. Talked to my vet today and she said it was perfectly acceptable for you to purchase the ticket from the taylor jones society. It is not fraud. It can be done in your name.

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  3. I have a similar story in the works. I took in a stray at the end of July only to have her slash a screen window to escape, to be able to take care of kittens she had been separated from. I followed her to the neighbor’s wood pile. But before I could get the babies home, she moved them to another neighbor’s wood pile. WIth the help of a couple of other people, we were able to get everyone home. I kept her inside until she could be spayed. They’re occupying my bedroom, while I sleep out in the living room with my older dog & cat (since 8/1).

    I was happy to know that a TNR feral cat group in my area also arranges for inexpensive spay/neuter/vaccines/etc. for stray cats. And I was “happy” (not really. I’m actually half-grieving, and wondering if I should keep at least one of the kittens too) that one of my Facebook friends volunteers for a well-known local no-kill shelter, where they can screen for good candidates and hopefully find homes for the babies “within a couple of days”. Now I’m trying to decide if I should take the kittens this weekend, or wait another week. I’m weighing separation-anxiety issues with the mother with optimal adorability issues that will win the first people’s hearts and spring the kittens from the shelter at their earliest opportunity.

    I don’t know if this will work, or if anyone is interested, but this is my photo album of the cat & kittens https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3792975697566.2152679.1072350485&type=3

    As cute as they are, I’ve been very sad for weeks, knowing that I’ll never know what happens to the babies.

    • Thank you for sharing, Sue. This weekend we will be (hopefully) removing the kittens from their latest precarious home where they, along with the mother, will be taken in by a foster “parent.” Misty will get fixed and return to us and the kittens will be adopted out. I, too, am anxious about this transition and hope to goodness that it is not too stressful on the mother and babies. Good luck to both of us!

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