Summer Snapshots

My husband wore a sweater to work today.

A sweater!

Now, in Texas, the arrival of sweaters doesn’t necessarily mean that the weather is cooler…it just means that people are trying to drop Mother Nature a hint.

It really is amazing that summer is almost over, and as I browse through the photos taken over these past few months, I am reminded of what a great summer it was…

I was given the honor of teaching a couple cooking classes at Bonterra Blu, a local fine-dining restaurant. 

Twas a lot of food, twas a lot of fun.

In May, I entered a nation-wide modeling contest, and this was my full-body shot.  

It was such a victorious moment for me to finally give myself the chance at something I have always wanted to do.

(But to answer your question: No, I did not win.)

Baby Girl appeared in a movie about three cats who go to Burkittsville, Maryland to make a documentary on the infamous “Blair Witch Cat” legend.

They go missing, but a year later their footage is found…

I cannot even begin to count the amount of jars that have passed through my hands this summer!

(Confessions of a home-canner)

We grilled our first beer-can chicken, and the results were deeeeelish!

Hmm…is this left-over liquid fit for human consumption?

I tasted beer and, yet again, thought it was gross.

However, if you are in the market for some really good microbrews, head to the Dodging Duck in Boerne, Texas!

Savored LOTS of fresh seafood (check out these massive scallops!) during our anniversary trip to the Texas coast.

Enjoying a beach sunrise before our morning beach walk.

Why do I live so far from the ocean again?

During our trip, Dave was captured by angry cannibals!….

…but a sneaky, cheeky monkey saved him.

And here is a picture of me in my bikini.

From the sternum up, I look pretty good!

We have been Mr. and Mrs. Smith for 7 years!

I recently developed a rash on my ring finger.  Does this count as my 7-year itch?

Dave won the prestigious Rising Star Award which honors young talent in radio.

He always had my vote.

Just when I was starting to really miss the beach, I scored some fresh, Gulf Coast shrimp!

So what if I got it from some people who were selling it on the side of the road?

Hope everyone had a super summer! 

How did you spend YOURS?


6 thoughts on “Summer Snapshots

  1. Those are great photos–looks like you had a wonderful summer. I know what you mean about the season changing. The last two mornings have been chilly–always the first sign of fall for me. Don’t think I’ll be posting a summer montage. Almost every picture would be of one of us holding a paintbrush. Grrr….

  2. I had an eventful summer too. Got to enjoy your visit with film crew in tow in May; made a 25th anniversary trip to Ruidoso, NM and Bob left for USAF basic in June, Grandma was hospitalized for pneumonia right after Bob left; went to see Lisa in July; went to see Bob graduate in August. Whew!
    But you still have another trip to go, though. How exciting!

  3. I’m catching up from my 40-day social media fast (which included blogs) and this was the perfect re-introduction to your life 😉 love the shot of you trying beer, you look so pretty! a good one to start with is blue moon’s summer honey wheat, or shock top’s wheat beer, PLUS an orange in it. Also love the shot of you looking on to the ocean, sigh 🙂

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