Mrs. Holiday

I think my inner clock is a little off because I always start planning for Halloween in August.

I can’t help it–I just love Halloween!  Not the gory stuff like Mike Myers and fake blood, but the festive stuff like jack-o-lanterns and orange and black scrap book paper.

Two minutes ago, I pledged my love for Halloween by entering the 2012 Taste of Home’s Mrs. Holiday Contest.

I cannot think of a more fitting title for me because I feel like any day can be a holiday as long as I have people to feed and laugh with.  In fact, my greatest wish would be to spend more time planning and having parties and get-togethers.

And when that day comes, I’m-a gonna throw the BIGGEST a-party!!!!

In the meantime, please take a few seconds to vote for me.  Follow this link and search for “Leilani Smith-Halloween.”

Thank you so much for your votes!  I will celebrate each one of them. 🙂


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