The Great, Big Cat Present

A few days ago, a very important package arrived in the mail:

The Armarkat Classic Cat Tree model #b6802.

Even though Dave and I have been devoted cat-parents for the past five years, we have never really given our “children” a substantial present.  However, since we have some big milestones coming up this year (Brody is turning 10 years old and Baby Girl entered our lives four years ago this month) we decided to surprise them with something really special.

The beauty of buying a present for a cat is that the packaging is a gift within itself: plastic straps, tape, packing peanuts, even the box itself become exciting toys.

It was so much fun watching my kitties enjoy their new things, and I had to wonder if this is what Christmas day feels like.

You know…to all those human-parents out there.

Baby Girl assists me in deciphering the instructions.

“I’ll just wrestle with this thing until you decide where it goes, Mama.”

Brody initiates the sniffing inspection…

…still sniffing…

…followed by the clawing inspection.

Time for a test perch!

“Be honest, does this cat tree make my butt look big?”

After about three minutes the cats grew bored and began playing in the box that the tree was packaged in.

I guess cats will be cats.


6 thoughts on “The Great, Big Cat Present

  1. My cat doesn’t like the new scratching cone we bought her, or the door hanging 4bed thingy we bought her. Now she won’t play w her cat toy. I’m done getting her stuff lol glad your cats like their tree!

    • When it comes to cats, it sure feels like hit-and-miss. I think my cats like this so much because they scratch on everything and this gives them something to do that, plus they like to climb and sit up high. Little brats. haha BTW, how is that reupholstering project going? 🙂

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