Deck the Walls

This past week, a miracle took place within our home: I hung picture frames on the wall!

I’ve been wanting to check this project off my list since January, but it wasn’t until last Saturday that I felt the inspiration needed to hammer a bunch of holes in my walls.  (And I made LOTS and LOTS of holes, let me tell you.)

Like synchronized swimming or spelling the word “occasionally” correctly, hanging pictures is one of those activities that looks effortless but, in reality, is a royal pain to execute.  In fact, it wasn’t until I was browsing through Pinterest tips that I found the courage to go ahead and attempt to tackle the den wall:

Four days later, I achieved the results I wanted:

Now, I know things look a little wonky because some frames are empty or on their side, but I only said that I hung frames.  Nowhere did I mention actually finishing this project.


Completing a project in four days?


Anywho, what I was able to accomplish was the placement of the frames and that was really the bulk of the battle.  If it’s the bulk of your battle, too, then here are a few Pinterest tips that really hit the nail on the head.

Tips for Hanging Picture Frames

Tip #1: The Pop Top Trick

Don’t feel like spending money on fancy hooks?

Solution: Use the pop top off of a soda can instead!


*1 pop top

*1 screw with a head larger that the bottom hole of the pop top


Measure and mark the center of the frame.  Screw pop top to frame.  Done!

Tip #2: The Toothpaste Trick

There is nothing more frustrating or time consuming than failing to hang a picture in the exact spot that you want it.

Solution: Apply toothpaste to the back of the frame to mark the spot on the wall!


1. Apply toothpaste (I used aloe) to the hook at the place(s) where it will hang from the nail on the wall.

2. Line up where you want the picture to go, and when you are ready, press the back of the frame to the wall.

3. Remove frame to reveal the paste on the wall.  Hammer a nail in the spot where the paste is.  (My hook was bent in the middle so I put gel on the ends and placed the nail in the center of the spots.)

Tip #3: The Tiny Nail Trick

If you prefer using those long hooks with the teeth on them, but it is next to impossible trying to hammer that teeny, tiny nail into the hole!

Solution: Start a hole using a longer nail!

Simply hammer the longer nail a couple of times to establish the hole.  Then remove the longer nail, reinsert the teeny, tiny nail, and finish hammering.  Much easier.

Tip #4: The Ugly Frame Makeover Tip

You’ve seen them at garage sales: Hideous paintings and picture frames.  However, some of those items have lovely bones hidden beneath ugly colors.

Solution: Paint, paint, paint!  Paint is your friend.

I plan to use paint and graphite to transform this number into something fabulous.

Even though the den wall is not completed, the frames add immediate warmth to the room.  I cannot wait to see the end results!

Happy Hanging!


9 thoughts on “Deck the Walls

  1. I’m inspired now to redo the wall in our tv room. Thanks!! Love your posts and look forward to reading them when they pop up in my email. Happy Autumn!

  2. Gosh, that is sooooo me. We’ve lived here for over 4 years, repainted most of the rooms, yet haven’t hung any pictures. I would love for DH to just hang the frames, but then he just tells me to decide on what pictures to hang, first. And I am like, no, let’s just hang the frames and decide on the pics later. Maybe we’ll get it done some time this year ;o)
    Oh, and thanks so much for those educational insights (toothpaste – who would have thought of that?).

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