Ermagherd (er-ma-GERD), interjection: def. Nasally, nerdy form of common phrase, “Oh my God!” Most commonly used in humorous Pinterest posts.

Example 1: Classic use of “Ermagherd”:

Example 2: Animal use ofย “Ermagherd!”:

Example 3: Personal use of “Ermagherd!” as discovered by my Momma in a box of old family photos:

Ermagherd, guys.ย  Jermp fer joy, it’s Frerday!!!


Yes, that’s me jermping.


5 thoughts on “Ermagherd!

  1. I just shared this w/my sister and had to call her up…I was laughing SO hard, I was practically screaming, tears were streaming down my face and my stomach was aching from laughing sooo much! Damn, I wish I had a video camera to tape myself!

  2. that is hilarious. I would have guffawed much louder if I wasn’t still recovering from labor!
    Jeff used to crack me up because there was this movie called Omagh that we would always pass at blockbuster and when we’d see it on the shelf, every time he would always say “OH M’GAH” He sounded kinda like George from the wedding singer (kind of gay and upset sounding…) when Linda didn’t show up for the wedding. Probably a location thing. Next time you come over I’ll have him demonstrate.

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