A Clyde Woman in Maine

After five glorious days, Dave and I had to say goodbye to the Pine Tree State.

(Now excuse me while I cry into my keyboard.)

I believe there is a Maine-shaped void in all of our hearts that longs to be filled with salty, ocean air, bright red foliage, lighthouses, apple farms and everything else that makes Maine such a unique and magical place.

(Now excuse me while I drive back to the airport.)

Yup, Maine was just what this Clyde woman ordered.

Here were some of my favorite parts of the journey:

Behold, Portland Head Light.

Wish I could tell you what year it was built or how it produces light for wayward ships, but I was too busy gaping to learn anything.

Learn more here.

My first dinner in Maine: Crab-Stuffed Lobster with Newburg Sauce.  

Twas also my first lobstah evah.

(Word to the wise: You really DO need a bib when you eat these things!)

Deliciousness courtesy of Saltwater Grille in Portland.

Enjoying a bike ride along the shores of Peak’s Island, a small island off the coast of Portland.

(Above is a very boring sentence summing up what was probably the best bike ride of my life.)

Just look at these carrots!!

Now look at them again!!!

And again!!!

The produce at the Portland Farmers Market was what I imagine produce in Heaven to be.

I am still disgusted.

(But in a good, gastronomically-elated sort of way.)

Not disgusted enough? Visit the Portland Farmers Market webpage.

This gray, funky pumpkin was so fascinating that I couldn’t resist cradling it in my arms.

(Do pumpkins make you as happy as they make me?)

My favorite memory by far: Apple picking at Snell Family Farm!!

For more info on the farm, click here.

Enjoying apple pie ice cream at Peak’s Island.

It’s all about apples up here.

Apples and beer, I mean.  (We suggest Sebago Brewing Company!)

Maine is brimming with microbreweries which are brimming with tasty beer which means Dave was brimming with happiness:

Hmm, I have about 200 more photos left…but I guess I’ll spare you.

Otherwise, we’ll all be jumping the next plane to Maine.



14 thoughts on “A Clyde Woman in Maine

    • Ha ha! We felt jealous of people, too. We have been putting money away since Feb–wait, November! And it was worth every penny. It also helped that we stayed with friends.:)

  1. Hi Leilani, oh yes, Switzerland is a very lovely place indeed :-)! But I love visiting foreign countries… My husband and I went to Scotland last week and we had a beautiful time there.

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