My Election Year Kitty

If it weren’t for politics, I would have never met this cat:

Four years ago, America was up in arms over the upcoming presidential election, and I felt like if I heard the words “Joe the Plumber” or “Change” one more time I was going to move to Canada.  It was this overall apathy towards politics that drove me and a friend to my front yard while the rest of our friends and family stayed inside, their eyes glued to the debate on television.

Just as the evening breeze was beginning to brush our anxieties away, a rumbling old boat of a car with the name “Valdez” on the back windshield rolled slowly past.  Then, just as the low rider cleared our property, it stopped and began backing up.  I was just about to start gettin’ all Mavericky when the car suddenly sped away.

“Oh my goodness, look!” my friend squealed as I stood frozen, wondering when “Valdez” would return.  My thoughts were interrupted, however, by the sudden brush of fur against my ankles.  I looked down and there, looking up at me, was a gray and white kitten with wide eyes that said, “You’re gonna pick me up and take me inside right now.”

And I did.

Even though I told our friends we weren’t planning on keeping her, they knew right away from the look in my eyes that this kitten wasn’t going anywhere.  As for the kitten, she took over the place the minute I set her on the floor.  Our older cat, Sugar, was NOT happy about this.  When she tried to walk behind the fridge, he blocked her as if to say, “We aren’t supposed to go behind the fridge!”  But never one to be bossed, she did it anyway.  And when she crawled up onto my neck as we went to sleep that night, it was Dave who pulled her off because I did not have the will to say no to her…even though she was choking me.

Cricket, Chip, Valdez–we went through so many names before finally deciding on the only title fitting enough for our sassy fur ball:

“Baby Girl.”

(Cuz, after all, she weren’t nuthin but a baby girl!)

These past four years with our Baby Girl has been a delight…mixed with a lot of kicking and screaming.  She is, after all, an adorable pain in the butt.

And we wouldn’t trade her for the world.

This year’s presidential candidates however….


(I still plan on voting for Ron Paul.)


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