Two Furry Ghosts

It happened again.

My intention to create the perfect Halloween costumes for our cats fell though.  Somehow, no matter how adorable my ideas (cheerleader/football player, Raggedy Ann/Andy, Red Riding Hood/Wolf), I always manage to wait till the last minute when it’s too late to make anything of quality.

Nevertheless, I was determined to make something this year, even if it meant settling for the simplest costume in the book: ghost.

Grabbing an old white sheet, I cut out two cat-sized ghosties and made slits for ears and holes for eyes.

No matter how quiet I am about these things, however, the cats can always tell when I’m up to something.

“You’re gonna force us to wear this crap, aren’t you?”

(When a cat gives you this look, it’s best to avoid all eye contact.)

The whole point of dressing up a pet is to get that postcard-perfect photo, but since our cats fidget too much for a side-by-side shot, we have to go about these things one at a time.

Since Brody is the oldest, he had to go first.

“Hold still, cat.  Just let me tug your ears through these slits real quick.”

“Hey, where do you think you’re going?”

Flinging himself upon the ground is Brody’s way of saying he’s done.

In the end, one of us always has to hold the cat down for a decent shot.

Next up was Baby Girl.

Thankfully, she was a little more cooperative.

“All right, cat.  The quicker you give in, the quicker this will go.”

Oh my goodness!  She actually looks convincing.

Say cheese!

“I’m going to pee on your pillow for this.”

Maybe next year I’ll stop wasting time with these homemade pieces and fork over the big money for one of those fancy cat costumes.  If anything, they seem to fit more snug.

Still, I’m pretty sure Brody will find a way to shimmy out of one of those, too.


9 thoughts on “Two Furry Ghosts

  1. Hahaha!!! I read this with my husband, soooo hilarious! Your cats are more cooperative than ours by a long shot. We would have gotten pictures of blurry fur and maybe some long, red, welts on our arms! 😀

  2. OMG I am laughing my butt off. You’re a scream. The look on Brody’s face is so funny. You’re so right, they seem to know when somethings up…ha, like a trip to the vet. I can’t even imagine how you got the photo’s you did.

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