My Hanger Full of Hang-Ups

Are there times when you feel so angry but you don’t know why?

Or maybe you do know why, but you don’t feel like opening up that can of worms [again]?

Last month, on a random Wednesday afternoon, I realized that I have been very angry for a very long time.  At first I told myself that I had nothing to be angry about.

Why should I be angry? I asked myself, I have a loving husband, good friends, a job, a home.

Nevertheless, I still couldn’t shake the feeling that life was giving me the finger.  And so I began to write a list of everything that was a source of anger/bitterness/resentment to me at that moment.

Right off the bat, I came up with 20 things.  Then I waited a few more minutes and came up with another five.

After skimming my list, I noticed that all of the things I was angry about were hang-ups I have carried for months and even years.

Hang-ups.  They really do make one fell all hung up–stuck.

I was tired of feeling stuck, so I rewrote all of my hang-ups onto strips of paper and tied them to a hanger.


A hanger full of hang-ups.

Or “anger art.”


It was a silly way to spend an hour, but putting all of those hang-ups in writing gave me a sense of empowerment.  In other words, I don’t always know how to discard toxic feelings, but I do know how to discard paper.


It took me a few weeks before deciding that today was the day to let go of all my hang-ups.

Some were easy to throw away.

Some were not.


I will continually have to let go of road rage, especially with all of the spiteful drivers in this town!  Can I get a witness?

Of all my hang-ups, the biggest by far is the fear that success has passed me by, that I will always be mediocre.  This, like the road rage, is something I will have to throw into the fire on a daily basis.

In fact, I’m pretty sure I will encounter all of my hang-ups again.  However, I know now that I don’t have to carry them around with me and let them ruin my day because:

1. There is a season for everything in life, even if it doesn’t follow my timing.

2. People are people; don’t try to change them.

3. If all else fails, don’t take it personally.


An empty hanger.

I know it won’t stay that way for long.

But this time, I won’t let it get so full.


14 thoughts on “My Hanger Full of Hang-Ups

  1. You, my dear, are anything but mediocre. I am shocked you would even think it! But I do understand. I used to have a sign on my wall as a child. It read “To Be Average Scares The Hell Out Of Me.”

    Since my year in culinary school is over and the life I thought I would have after it will not be what I had imagined I have also been pondering my place in this world lately. I am reading a book I won on GoodReads called “Mastery” and it is helping me to focus my emergies and find my new place. I don’t know if it is in print yet (alot of the books are preview copies) but if it is I highly reccomend it. If not I will let you borrow it once I am done if you like.

    I love the idea of bringing things up and getting them out in the open – I love the anger art!!! Now fill a hanger with blessings and see how much bigger it is! 😉

  2. In my book of friends you are a beautiful loving spirted young woman. You make me laugh, you make me “think” but most of all You make me feel YOUNG!

  3. Fantastic. Life is so giving if we can travel lightly. The less useless luggage the better. I truly appreciate point 3, ‘if all else fails, don’t take it personally’. I tend to be too sensitive. I will try to keep that one on top of my ‘to do’ list. Happy New Years!

  4. Boy, do I know some people who need to read this! ha!ha! Thank you for sharing this. My husband was just telling me the other day that there are times I seem really mad, but I’m not sure why or at what. Sounds like I need to create some ‘anger art’ and discover my issues. Great idea.

  5. An interesting idea. Sometimes it is good to get creative when figuring out how to drop off the baggage somewhere where we can’t find it. I’m the same way, I have tons of things to be happy about but yet anger can be very quick. Thanks for posting about this.

  6. That is a pretty cool idea. I guess it is important to address things that make us upset instead of turning our backs on it and focusing on the positives all the time. Just thinking about writing down all my hang-ups is intimidating, though, because I’m already thinking they’re silly, selfish, superficial, whatever. But I really should write ’em down…I have a fireplace, too! 🙂 Hugs to you in the New Year, I hope you have a good one!

    • Hugs to you, too!! And yes, write them down–you’ll be amazed at how free you will feel. What’s really funny is as I wrote my hang-ups, I began noticing how much I was writing about the selfishness of others. Every other entry was about who was selfish. What’s that saying again?….”It takes one to know one.” That was humbling. BLessings in the new year!

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