A Brave Bloom

Are flowers supposed to bloom in January?

Since I’m not a flower expert, I never know what blooms when.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but be pleasantly surprised yesterday when I discovered this cheery fellow nestled under one of our pecan trees:


Why would a life form choose to blossom in bone-dry soil amidst freezing temperatures in a spot that doesn’t receive very much sunlight?

Because it wanted to, I guess.

(Apparently, I’m not the only one in possession of a brave bloom.  Check out today’s post from Keeping it Cozy!)

Not to get all philosophical on everybody, but to me, this flower represents HOPE.

Hope that life and beauty can be found, no matter the season.

Hope that the seeds I have planted in life will bloom in their time.

I placed these bulbs in the ground last April, but I did nothing to produce this lovely, pink flower.   (I mean, I did water it…sort of…when I remembered to.)

Therefore, I have hope in the fact that I don’t have to strive to make things happen.

They will happen on their own.

They will.


Thank you ALL so much for your readership.  It is such a delight to share the goings-on of life with you, and I am so encouraged that you all choose to read it!  If I could give each of you a bright, happy flower, I would.

I would also like to give an extra large bouquet of thank-yous to my subscribers. (Is it cheesy to say that you are wind in my sails?)

If you are a frequent visitor of Tales but have not subscribed yet, may I ask you to please do so today?  Pretty please with flaxseed on top?  (Since most of you started diets today.) 

Here’s hoping for many great things this year and in the years to come!



12 thoughts on “A Brave Bloom

  1. “…. Oh, you are the roots that sleep beneath my feet and hold the earth in place … ” You know why id bloomed? Cause no one told it it couldn’t!

  2. I agree with Sherry–you drew encouraging truth from your little pink hyacinth. I pray that this remains with you throughout 2013, that you experience peace & rest instead of striving & weariness.

  3. Just realized I’ve been commenting as my other blog! This is Amy at Afternoon Popcorn Snack! Sorry! And I meant *your* new year. ha!ha!

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