Sausage, Kale and Potato Stoup

In just a few short weeks, out fixer-upper will be getting new windows.



In the meantime, when it’s cold outside, it’s also cold inside, and, therefore, it’s up to a good bowl of stoup (stew/soup) to save the day.


One of my favorite wintertime soups is sausage, kale and potato soup.  It sticks to your ribs and warms you to your toes.  It’s also a very flexible soup in terms of ingredients.  Sometimes I only add half a pound of sausage, other times a chopped, fresh tomato–it’s whatever I am in the mood for.

Sausage, Kale and Potato Soup

In a large stockpot over medium-high heat, brown 1 lb of sausage.

I had some deer sausage on hand for this batch, but I also like to use fresh turkey sausage or sweet Italian sausage.  

Break up the sausage into bite-size pieces, and drain off the fat.  To the sausage add one thinly sliced large onion and two minced garlic cloves.


Saute over medium-high heat until onions are translucent (about 5 minutes).

Cook’s Note: Even though I drained the fat off of the sausage, there is enough residual oils in the sausage to cook the onions in.


Add 6 cups of low-sodium chicken broth along with 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 1/4 teaspoon black pepper and a pinch of red chile flakes.


Thinly slice (about 1/8″ think) two medium russet potatoes and add to the pot.


Add 2-3 large handfuls of kale (rinsed, dried and roughly chopped).  Since this is my favorite part of the soup, I like to add a lot of kale.


Bring soup to a boil over medium-high heat, then cover pot and lower heat to a simmer.  Simmer soup for about 10-15 minutes or until potatoes are cooked and tender but not mushy.

At this point, you could either serve the soup up with a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese:


Or you could go decadent by adding a cup of half and half or milk to the soup:


Here’s to staying warm and fed!

The Recipe

Serves 6-8

*1 lb. sausage (I prefer turkey or deer)

*1 large yellow onion, sliced thin

*2 garlic cloves, minced

*1/2 t salt

*1/4 pepper

*Pinch of red pepper flakes

*2 medium russet potatoes, sliced into thin medallions

*2-3 large handfuls of kale

*6 cups low sodium chicken broth

*1 cup half and half or milk

Brown sausage and break up into bite-size pieces in a large stockpot.  Drain fat.  To the sausage add the onion and garlic and saute until the onions are translucent (about 5 minutes).  Add salt, pepper and red pepper and stir.  Pour in broth.  Add potatoes and kale.  Bring to a boil over medium-high heat.  Cover pot and simmer on low heat until potatoes are cooked but not mushy (about 10-15 minutes).  Stir in the cream or milk.  Serve hot.


6 thoughts on “Sausage, Kale and Potato Stoup

    • Shocker of the day! I SOOOO thought you were gonna say this soup looked gross, too. Hahaha. The Zuppa Toscana is the only good soup at Olive Garden. All the others taste like they came from a can.

  1. NEW WINDOWS!!! HOW AWESOME!!!! I am a soupaholic so this sounds wonderful to me!! Last time I went to Olive GArden to get the Zuppa Tusana they didn’t put any kale in!! I was very dissapointed!!

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