New Title or Not…I NEED YOUR HELP!

I love titles.  They are like the candied fruit that sits upon the icing that sits upon the cake.

Now I want cake.


Ok, for the past several months, I have wanted to change my blog name.


To be honest, I think it is not original or clever enough.  On top of that, I feel it is too wordy and, therefore, hard to remember.

I have been wanting to switch to a private domain (a “.com” versus a “”) for quite some time now, but before I do that, I want to make sure I have the perfect blog title!

Here’s where YOU come in!

I am tired of racking my brain trying to figure something out.

I need your help!

Since I regard all of you as a clever bunch of folks, I know you will come up with something wonderful.

Here are some facts to help you……


My Title and The Story Behind It

I decided on “Tales of a Clyde Woman” because:

  1. I love collecting and sharing stories (or tales) of my life and others lives.
  2. I live in Clyde, Texas.
  3. I am a woman.

Upsides To My Current Title

  1. It is all-inclusive.  Tales can come from anywhere whether I am cooking, crafting or just plain existing.
  2. Putting the name of “Clyde” out there is a good thing for our little town.
  3. Keeping my name means I won’t loose too many readers in the transition to “.com.”

Downsides To My Current Title

  1. It is too wordy.
  2. I don’t think it’s clever ‘nuf.
  3. I don’t really talk much about the town of Clyde in my blog.  And if I ever choose to move, then what?
  4. There’s already a Pioneer Woman.  Why do we need a Clyde Woman?

Some ideas

*I feel like my own name, Leilani, is unique and might be a possible good use of self-branding in my new title.  (Thanks, Mom!)

*I’d like the title to be about 3 words.  (But I am up for ALL suggestions!)

*Some deets about me:

  •      I love cats, cooking, doing things myself, learning how to do everything so I can do it myself, canning food, eating food, gardening, eating stuff from my garden
  •      I tend to be a late bloomer.  I’m usually the last one to catch on or figure something out.
  •      Heaven to me is a big garden tea party complete with dancing.  And cats in clothing.


Thank you so much for your help! 

I cannot wait to see what you all come up with.  Please message me your ideas here or on Facebook or via email at

To the winner will go my last big jar of homemade apricot jam!



I love jam.  (Please add that to the list.)


Speaking of finding the right title, head over to Write Right for advice on titles from my writer pal, Erin!


28 thoughts on “New Title or Not…I NEED YOUR HELP!

  1. I like your idea of heaven and your cats hat, ha!

    I like a hook of some sort more than just a persons name. Although your name is so pretty. Here’s a tree word title that came to mind…

    ‘By The Way’….It could be the first line of every post. I see it a lot in chatter, texts and facebook so it’s a trendy abrrev. BTW and would look cool on T-shirts. 😀

    if I think of anything else, I’ll swing by

  2. I am going to think on it and do some serious brain storming. Something to do with being a crazy cat lady maybe 😉 …lol. I think a humorous name would fit you well, there is humor in all of your posts even when they are about a recipe 😀 Will let you know what I come up with!

  3. OK…..been thinking for two days. Here is what I came up with. Just some brain storming, maybe even just give you a little something to jump off from in your own way,….feel free to use all or none of the ideas, or laugh at me, and tell me at least I am pretty…;)
    My Favortie: “Keeping up with Mrs. Smith” (I meant this in a “keeping up with Jones’ tongue and cheek kinda way, but I didn’t think about those stinky Kardashians and their “keeping up” till just now…dang.)
    “Keeping up with Leilani”
    “The Busy Mrs. Smith”
    “Leilani’s flavor of Life”
    “Stay Awhile” (Stolen from your current logo, but I like that phrase)

    🙂 Hope it helps the juices flow!

    • (Squealing!) Eep! I was just now brainstorming and we almost have similar titles! LOVE the Keeping up with Mrs. Smith. AND it fits me. (Woudln’t you know it? My sister married a Jones. haha) I also love the “Stay Awhile” phrase. So many great entries. Thanks, Miranda!

  4. Haven’t had time to really think about it. I honestly enjoy “Tales of a Clyde Woman” but if you were to move you would have to change it maybe been then once a “Clyde” woman always a “Clyde” woman. I enjoy your tales!
    Leilani’s Lines
    Leilani Loves Life
    Leilani Living (like Martha Stewart Living)
    Life with Leilani
    Life & Laughter with Leilani

    Good luck and keep us posted!

    • Leilani loves life.:) That is precious. Thank you for so much feedback!…and thanks for reading. I wondered if once a Clyde woman, always a Clyde woman was true. We shall see:)

  5. Leilanis great adventure
    Lelani fixes everything
    Lelanis life quest
    Lelanis play house
    Life with Lelani
    Lelanis adventures
    Lelanis daily chat
    Lelanis looking glass
    Lelanis world
    Cats, Carrots, and creativity! (this one’s just a joke – unless you like it!)
    Living Lelanis life
    That’s so Lelani
    My so-Lelani Life

  6. Life Lelanis way
    Lelanis heaven
    Lelanis wiskers and wisdom
    Lelani days
    Lelanis cat nap
    Lelani tinkers
    Lelani fixes life
    Lelanis way
    Lelani chic
    The Lelani way
    Life Lelanis way
    Mrs Smith goes to Clyde (instead of mr smith goes to Washington)
    Lelanis mixed bag
    Lelanis fixer-upper
    Cats, Caulk, and Clyde
    Lelani fixes it all!
    Lelani will fix it!
    Lelanis journey
    Lelanis voyage
    Lelanis exploits
    Lelanis quick fix
    Lelani’s on the ball
    Lenani’s on it!

  7. Lelanis slice of heaven
    Cats, crafts, and cooking
    Homemaking the Lelani way
    The Goddess is in!
    Lelani looks at life
    Lelani’s imaginings
    Through Lelanis window (and there is a cat in that window for sure!)
    Linger with Lelani

  8. A taste of Lelani
    The well-dressed cat
    Cat naps
    Lelanis purrfection
    Lelanis garden
    One day at a time
    In Lelanis garden
    Lelani does it all
    Lelani can!
    Lelanis little loves
    Lelanis hands
    Lelani understands

    Im just brain storming here. If you havent picked one yet I hope something here helps! Hey thats a good one!! “I’m just brainstorming here …”

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