Our New Windows: Before & After

If your eyes are the windows of your soul, then is it safe to say that windows are the…well…the windows of a house’s soul?

If so, then the soul of our home was dim, cold and gloomy thanks to its thin, dilapidated windows.

I thought it would be years before we could replace them, but in December we came across an offer from a local business that we couldn’t refuse.

Thirty-seven windows and three days later, the installation is complete!  Sadly, I missed out on the installation process, but it was so thrilling to come home from work each day and discover all of the changes.  It was like we had secret little gnomes working on our house while we were away.  🙂

Why am I still talking?

It’s pictures you want to see!………


A view of the southeast corner of our home prior to installation.


And the view after. Much more polished.


Our former view of the backyard.


WOW!  I can see!  (And I’m liking what I’m seeing.)


Gaps.  The culprit of all those chilly drafts and fine dust…


Less dust, no draft. Tight seals, you are my new best friend.


This used to be the view from our kitchen window…


Now I can admire our garden while I wash dishes.


Everything is so bright and sunny! This space will be a knock-out when it’s fully completed.


Baby Girl soaking up the new found sunlight.


Speaking of cats, our weak screens made for a lot of escapes!


As a result, we were forced to commit red-neckery by duct-taping our screens in place.


We were in such good hands with our installers. They repaired the siding around this window free of charge.


The enclosed porch along the western side of the house has become such an inviting space. It’s a great spot to pet a kitty or sip coffee.

If someone would have told me that we would be getting new windows this soon in the game (we moved here in 2010) I would have said they were crazy.  I would have also wished that they were right.

It feels so good to walk into our bathroom and not get the chills.  It feels so good to hold my hand up to a pane of glass and not feel a draft.  And it feels so darn good to be rid of that duct tape!

(To those of you who live in the Abilene area, we had our windows manufactured and installed by Clearlight Windows and Doors.  If you need new windows, we highly recommend them!  They treat you like people.)


I am linking up this week with Pancakes and French Fries, an inspiring blog that believes that homes should be both beautiful and functional.  Check it out!



19 thoughts on “Our New Windows: Before & After

  1. WOW, those have just turned out fantastic Leilani! In only 3 days you say, that is AMAZING. Love the pictures with Baby Girl too…so darn cute. It’s great to find a contractor who’s honest and cares about your home. The fact that they took the time to repair your siding as they went along is stunning. Usually it’s ‘wham bam thank you mam’ and they’re outta-here. We had all the windows replaced in our previous home about 10 years ago and while a bit of an investment, they made all the difference for sure. Like you said, the views are so much nicer.

  2. 1. What a difference new windows make! Really happy for you AND your house. (You can just see that he/she is pleased, too!)

    2. Speaking of him/her, have you named your house?

    3. “Redneckery.” Thanks for the new, perfect, oh-so-DESCRIPTIVE addition to my vocabulary.

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