Somebody Slap Me-This Diet Works?

The minute I or anybody else says that they are on a diet, I pull out my watch and begin counting down the minutes to the inevitable:


Six weeks ago, I began, not a diet, but a whole new way of eating.  The idea behind this whole new way of eating was that if I filled my diet with highly nutritious foods, I would eventually lose my taste for the “bad” foods like sugar, processed foods, etc.

My rules for this whole new way of eating were:




Therefore, every day I made sure to eat the following:

1. 8 oz water with 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar

2. A pre-breakfast smoothie made with Greek yogurt, 2 teaspoons chia seeds, berries, half a banana and a handful of parsley

3. Replace my morning cereal with a bowl of oatmeal, cinnamon, raisins and pecans

4. At least one green salad with either lunch or dinner

5. At least one apple a day

(I also made sure to exercise at least 3 or more hours a week.)

Since the words “YOU CAN’T HAVE THAT” make me want to run for the hills, I felt very optimistic about this new plan.

So…how did it go?

Weeks 1-3

Over week 1, I ate two pieces of chocolate cake, a few dishes of ice cream, a bag of Doritos, a frozen pizza AND every bit of my good foods.  Needless to say, my sweet tooth was still very much alive, but I did not attempt to curb it.

By week 3, I began to feel less of a need for sugar, but still managed to have at least one serving of dessert a day.  I also still craved frozen pizza and chips.  Still, I noticed that my energy at the gym was greater and that I could go harder and faster without feeling so depleted.

Weeks 4-6

By week 4, I reigned myself in by recording what I ate each day.  I also began preparing healthy substitutes like sweet potato and kale chips to combat my Dorito cravings.  After doing this, I found that I preferred my healthy substitutes to the real thing.

During week 5, I began experiencing days where I did not want sugar.  I had started nibbling 75% dark chocolate whenever I wanted something sweet, but after a while I did not even want the chocolate.

Week 6 was somewhat of a mess.  I lost my father and did a lot of traveling which threw my eating off a little.  Still, my cravings were very much under control.

For instance, usually when I go home, I want to eat lots of Mexican cookies and breads.  I wound up eating only 2 cookies over 6 days and was more than satisfied with that amount.  (I usually eat at least 2 cookies a day while I am home and then buy some more for the drive home.)

Week 7 and Beyond….

I am still going strong–no, wait–STRONGER than I ever thought I could.

Each week, I challenge myself a little more.  For instance, I recently began drinking cinnamon and honey tea in the morning and at night and have found that it greatly reduces my cravings for breads and sugars.  I’ve also started drinking an 8 oz protein shake after my hard workouts to aid in muscle tissue repair.  (I use IsoPure–no sugar, low in carbs.)

For those of you who do not struggle with cravings and blood sugar crashes, my progress may not seem like a big deal.

To me, however, I am so very proud!  Forgetting to eat dessert?  Turning down pizza?  This girl just doesn’t do that.

I still splurge because I’m human, but those splurges happen only a couple times a week versus a couple times a day.

As for weight loss….?

I have lost about an inch or so in my middle and about 3-4 pounds.  Trust me, I would like to lose more, but here’s the deal:

It is much more difficult to change your mind than your body.

I’m not looking to lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks only to relapse once my diet is over.

Instead, I’m slowly and steadily paving a strong foundation of healthy habits which will serve me for the rest of my life.

Me at Week 4

Here’s to seven more weeks!

And maybe a few more pounds lost?  🙂



24 thoughts on “Somebody Slap Me-This Diet Works?

  1. Awesome Job! Changing your way of life is so much harder than dieting, but you are proof it works so much better! Can’t wait to see the progress. (As I sit here and eat doritos with my lunch…. 😉 ) Once this baby is born…I will be reading back through for pointers to drop this baby weight 🙂

  2. In changing my eating habits, I had to convince myself it was OK to leave something on the plate. Just grew up (old school) where you ate everything on your plate, period! Good job and good luck!

  3. Thanks for the inspiration that I have been looking for! I have a microwaveable chip maker that I bought at the shop last year. I’ve used it a couple of times and forget just how easy it is to use. I slice sweet potatoes real thin (using a mandoline) and set out on two micro trays. I then zap them for 3 minutes and they’re delicious. I don’t add any spices or salt but you can. I need to remember to do that and stay away from tortilla chips ( my downfall). The chips are crispy and yummy. I tried regular potatoes too . They work great but are not as tasty as sweet potatoes. White/Yellow/Red potatoes might need the seasoned salt to add flavor. Btw you look great and don’t need to lose any weight!

  4. Bravo, I love that quote too as it’s so darn true. The success of WW is actually writing down what you eat. When ever I actually do this, I have so much more success. You look fabulous btw.

  5. I agree that it is more important to make positive changes for the long-term rather than go for the quick fix. I have tried splurging in the morning (think cake or cookies) if I really need a sugar fix and I’ve found it to really work because I’m good for the rest of the day. Then I read an article in Oprah that confirmed this is an effective way to achieving weight loss in the long term because you do not feel deprived. Go figure! Anyway, great job of incorporating a number of positive habits into your routine. It definitely isn’t an easy thing to do!

  6. What a great way to introduce healthy eating habits into your life! I have to admit, letting go of sweets would be a great difficulty for me, but adding these extra healthy habits would certainly enhance my well being!!

    • Oh, sweets are not off my menu by a long shot! I still bake and cook all I want, too. No point in losing who I am. But it sure feels good to have the upper hand on it. 🙂 Here’s to health!

  7. Congratulations! Your gradual change sounds ideal, not everyone (including me) will do well on a sudden lifestyle change that involves something so near and dear to our hearts–food! 😀 Your plan of attack is working out perfectly, and not only did you lose pounds, you’re gaining muscle! You look awesome, and I bet you feel even awesomer. Good job, keep it up, sweetie!

    • I know you are a healthy woman but are your cravings all out of control? Or are they in control because you entered pregnancy healthy?
      I do feel awesomer! Last year I did try something sudden and I thrashed and foamed about like a shark out of water. This way has gone so smooth and I naturally am making changes.

  8. I agree: a change in the way you eat rather than the dreaded :diet” word works much better. Congrats and keep up the good work, Leilani. Your Dad would be proud of you that you stayed on track.

  9. Pleasure :). We have just officially entered autumn, since it’s now March, but the weather obviously hasn’t consulted a calendar, with temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius still.

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