The Prettiest Little Cupcakes You Ever Saw

Every once in a while, a gal needs to get away and indulge in pretty things. 

So I am spending the day with a friend in one of the prettiest little towns in Texas: Fredericksburg!

Check out these other pretty sights from a few of my favorite bloggers:

Blueberry and Lemon Thyme Cupcakes



A blueberry and lemon thyme cupcake slathered in cream cheese and buttery blueberry preserves icing and topped with a dark chocolate covered blueberry acai.


If you are ever on the hunt for a stunning cupcake with an even more stunning description, look no further than Petit4 Chocolatier.

Don’t like lemon?  Then try her Orange Mint Cupcakes With Orange Jus Buttercream Icing and Touches of Gold.

Don’t like orange?  Then try her Cupcakes With A Whispered Savor of Fresh Chocolate Mint Topped With Vanilla and Butter Icing and Emerald Decor.

If food were jewelry, it would be Ms. Chocolatier’s cupcakes.

Ruffled Tablecloth

Pretty cupcakes should be savored over an equally pretty tablecloth.

I think this one by Jones Design Company fits the bill, don’t you think?


To create this ruffled number, all you need is a few yards of cloth and a few simple stitches.

Pretty Pictures

Dave and I are lucky to be friends with a lovely young lady named Julie Coppedge who takes equally lovely photography.

Here’s a sample:


Even thought our home is far from being “photogenic,” I’m so glad she captured it in it’s more humble moments.

And I think humble moments are kinda pretty, too.  🙂


What pretty things have you indulged in this week?


10 thoughts on “The Prettiest Little Cupcakes You Ever Saw

  1. OMGosh, what a cute photo with your hubby and cats. The perfect place to take it too. You’re right, humble moments are pretty. I loved that ruffle tablecloth a lot….wheels are turning, putting that smack on to the Pnterest ‘My Style’ board. I also fancy all the banners. cute cute. We got married in Texas and got thru a number of oh-so-cute downs. Unfortunately we missed Fredericksburg, maybe next time. Have fun!

      • We got married in the gazebo at the Arboretum in Dallas. A beautiful garden. We had a friend living there at the time who stood up for us. We celebrated and stayed at the historical Adolphus Hotel. Thanks for asking, if you are ever in the area, the garden is just beautiful.

  2. Humbly comfortable is my favorite type of home filled with love. And that is definitely what you have my dear! You are all beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside.
    This was truly a wonderful surprise. Thank you so much!

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