A Reminder That I Always Have To Remind Myself To Remember

I constantly My husband constantly has to remind me that I can’t conquer the world in just one day.


This reminder creates a bit of a problem for me because I would REALLY, REALLY like it if I could:

-Reupholster all our furniture

-Landscape our yard

-Build a pergola

-Learn Spanish

-Tour all of France

-Get six-pack abs….

…all in one day.

Again, damn.

This morning, I was reminded yet again that life  s  p  a  n  s  more than it speeds and that I must embrace the process; must embrace the journey:

“We’re not trying to change the world in a day.  We’re scattering seeds.  Where they take root we may never know.  Our job is to plant.  And to keep our priorities in line with our heart so at the end of the day we are encouraged and uplifted by the fullness of our cup and not discouraged by our lack. 

We leave the process alone and get out of the way.  We practice obedience and gratitude.  We foster encouragement and dare one another to dream.  We be easily impressed and hard to offend so that we don’t turn into one of those creeping thorns for our friend.  And we be honest and real.

We can’t do it all.  But we can all do something. 

We can dream our dream and live our lives in the best way we know how, one day at a time.  The path is set before us and we only need take a little step each day.  Soon we will look back and be amazed at how far we’ve come.  And we can do it without sacrificing those things that matter most in our life and our heart: the main thing.  keep the main thing the main thing.  Rest in the simplicity of your dream and let it unfold.  Be patient and grateful for each step of the journey.  You’re on your way.”

-An excerpt from Grace Uncommon

(Thank you, Tammy, for your beautiful words.  I needed that!)

Do you ever wish you could be a finished product RIGHT NOW?

Does this wish ever blind you from seeing the achievements you have made thus far?

Back in August, I asked for your vote to become the next Taste of Home’s Mrs. Holiday.  I posted this video and you all voted.


Even though I did not conquer the world and win the title, I was chosen as one of the ten finalists.

However, when my wee bit of prize money came in the mail yesterday, I was not content to celebrate.

Instead, I immediately began stressing over where I could put the money to where it would make the most impact.

And again, the hubs was there to remind me that I didn’t have to figure it all out that evening.

To those of you that also like to look ahead more than you like to look around, we are in this together!

Thank you to all of you who love us and support us and whop us on the head from time to time.

We really need it.



15 thoughts on “A Reminder That I Always Have To Remind Myself To Remember

  1. Through growing things, God taught me a great deal about expectations–about putting a plant from a four-inch pot into the ground and expecting RIGHT NOW for it to look as it will look in year 2, 4, or 10. He used this dramatically simple picture to teach me regarding my own children and even regarding myself. And He taught me the difference between expectation and expectancy. There is no disappointment in expectancy and my expectancy is in HIM! I love you, Leilani.

  2. Oh, I know just what you mean. As much as I know and truly deep down believe that process is the point, the reason, the end in itself, I can still get tripped up by all I want to do right now today. Appreciate you sharing Grace’s words. I need them this morning.

    • I actually thought of you while writing this because we both have SO much on our to do lists. Glad this helped. Grace is so good at calming me down.

  3. I’m so guilty of this too! My daughter really helps me to slow down and appreciate the present. I’m always looking ahead for the finished product and results that I forget to look at accomplishments I’ve made along the way. It doesn’t help that I have a long list of what I want to accomplish too!

  4. OMgosh Leilani, there is so much to love at Clyde Woman today. How brilliant is Grace? I loved that so much. I’ve popped over quickly for a peek and bookmarked her Blog for a visit later. Loved how she wrote these words in an arty photo. Thanks for adding a link there. Second is that adorable video. I guess I wasn’t hanging out here yet but it was fun to visit your home. I tried to make a little video one night, mostly I laughed at my goof ups, you were so seamless and the cape was a nice touch. I also spied the Trekkie, awesome! Lastly, the photo in the in the soft light is stunning, promise you’ll frame it so that you can look at it every day and know you are beautiful. Cheers!

    • It seems no one is alone in feeling like they are never caught up. It amazes me that buildings have been built, companies have been started, goal weights have been reached–what is their secret? How did they FINISH? haha

  5. thanks so much for sharing my post here today leilani! i’m so glad it helped you & resonated with others here too! life sure is better together. ((hugs))

  6. I too needed this today! Beginning a bathroom project I had been sure would take a weekend, is still not complete after the second weekend 😦 After reading your post today, I have chosen to celebrate the fact that I actually have made the first move to get it started and have made significant progress! Now I have to remind myself that it will get finished, as will all the other things on my bucket list, if I just let them unfold as they will!

    • Yes, you do! After all, you DID paint. 🙂 And such cute accessories! May that grout seal perfectly and that cabinet-hanging go smoothly. So glad you were encouraged. We fixer-uppers need encouragement for our courage! haha

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