Keeping Up With New Ideas

I’ve been cooking up some new ideas over here…


Some of these ideas have worked….

…others, not so much.

So…what are these new ideas?


I’m still working on that.

But here’s a hint: New Blog.

It all started when I asked for help in choosing a new blog name.

And thanks to the lovely Miranda over at A Country Chick in the Hen House, I have-a one!

So…wanna know what it is?



Keeping Up With Mrs. Smith

Me likey.

Thank you SO much for ALL of your entries.  I took each into consideration–there were so many clever ones!

This one, however, stuck out to me because of the play on words and the fact that I have so many dreams and hobbies that I can barely keep up with myself.  And best of all, since I am a terrible scrapbooker, I love how this blog helps me document life and keep family and friends up to date on the progress of our house.

Anywho, I have no idea when I’ll launch the new site.

I was hoping April…or maybe August.

In the meantime, I will continue trying to keep up.


12 thoughts on “Keeping Up With New Ideas

  1. That is just the most fun pictorial ever….you are a scream. Hooray for new ideas. Can’t wait to follow along. Who’d have thought banana’s, calking guns and staplers would all mix together? LOL be careful 😀

  2. I love the new name! Blogging is great to record life. I love looking back over the past few years to see things I’ve done. I’m like you, I’ve love scrapbooking, but I’ve never completed a book. 🙂

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