Rice With Peas and Ham

Grandma was the kind of woman

who would fry up day-old rice with peas and ham.

“And LOTS of black pepper and bacon grease,” she’d exclaim.

Grandma took pride in this dish.

Took pride in her use of cold rice.

Took pride in her use of bacon grease.

Grandma was the kind of woman

who put bacon grease in everything.

We would savor her sausage gravy,

And forget to eat her cookies.

One day I decided to transform a pot of day-old rice into rice with peas and ham.

But I was not the kind of woman who used bacon grease.

So my dish tasted bland and sad, void of the soul that Grandma’s dish had…

Grandma passed away this morning.

She was survived by a husband, two daughters, grandchildren, great-grandchildren

And her stash of bacon grease.

No one can fill the void a Grandma leaves.

But one can try.

One can try adding bacon grease to her rice with peas and ham,

In the hopes that it will remind her of how Grandma’s used to taste.


You were one-of-a-kind, Grandma, and I will miss you so very much! 

Thank you for all of the memories and hugs and kisses.

We love you!


12 thoughts on “Rice With Peas and Ham

  1. Oh, Leilani, I had seen your anticipation of her departure, but had not caught the news. Praying for your comfort.

  2. i’m so sorry for your loss! I love the photo though? Is the little girl your mom? It looks like your baby pictures 🙂

  3. Leilani, sending my thoughts and prayers your way. What was it with grandparents and bacon grease?! It really did make everything taste that much better…..and created fond and comforting memories.

  4. My gramma would save bacon fat and use it instead of lard for pie crust. You never had a better apple pie than one made with bacon fat pie crust!! I miss my gramma something fierce too. HUGS!!

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