Aiming a Gun at a Cat

Here is a picture of my great-grandmother, Loverta.


Even though she is aiming a gun at a cat, I really, really love this photo.

And that’s no joke.

(No, Loverta did NOT shoot the cat.ย  I just come from a family of jokesters.)


8 thoughts on “Aiming a Gun at a Cat

  1. Oh my gosh, that is quite the sight, most people in Canada wouldn’t even own a firearm, let alone a little ol’ lady. I’m so glad she didn’t harm the little unsuspecting kitty!

      • LOL, Fanged beasts……Oh ya ya, I’m sure hunters are prepared in the frozen tundra…I was referring to back yard grandmas and anyone who doesn’t hunt. I honestly only know one guy that hunts.You’re such a hoot.

      • No, YOU’RE a hoot! Backyard grandmas? haha! I guess since I live in Texas, I am used to everyone hunting and everyone owning a gun.

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