My Favorite Room In Our House

Half the fun of nearly everything, you know, is thinking about it beforehand, or afterward.

-Howard R. Garis

What is your most favorite room in your house?

There are so many to choose from: the kitchen (were you get to eat!), the bedroom (where you get to sleep!), the bathroom–(nevermind!).

For me, it’s our study.


I love everything about this little space: its coziness, its built-in bookshelves, its funky walls, its own separate entrance.Β  (Strangely, our house has two front doors.)

Most of all, I love how creative I feel in this room.

In fact, it’s my dream of dreams to set up shop and blog full-time here.


Of course…I will need a dream desk on which to work.

A dream desk like this one:


And since our study is a perfect place for enjoying a nice cup of tea, I imagine my work day will include a tea time.

Of course…I can’t finish a whole pot of Earl Grey by myself, so do please come over for a cuppa from time to time!


Oh dear.

Sorry about that.

Currently, our study is home to the cat tree.

Can you see me now?



On days when I need an extra dose of faith that dreams do come true, I recall the 9-year-old version of myself who dreamed of one day owning a house with a study.

So thank you, unknown person who built our house, for setting aside a wee space for thought and stillness.


Now…if only I had a fat, comfy chair to think and be still in.



There!Β  Perfect.

I tend to get impatient when I think about the life I want to have, but as the quote says above, half the fun of nearly anything is thinking about it beforehand and afterwards.

Perhaps in doing so we will prolong the enjoyment of the good things we want in life?Β  πŸ™‚

So until our study can be my full-time creation station banana-fana-fo-fation, I will continue to drift away in delicious reverie…


What are your dreams?

I’d love to hear them!


21 thoughts on “My Favorite Room In Our House

  1. You know, I bet the builder of your house designed an exterior door into that room to be able to operate a business from home! I love that room in your home, too! And I love you. πŸ™‚

    • Lots of love for you, too, Tammie! You know, a lot of people have wondered about the two-door phenomenon. Almost all of the houses on our block have two. Someone once guessed that people rented out those rooms during the Depression and created a separate entry door for the space. Hmm….

  2. A room all of her own! My office where I paint, read my mail, put on my make-up (yes I do) and watch my favorite shows. I often lounge on very old chase that I saved up what money I could f
    forever to buy!

  3. What a sweet post! My dream….a huge front porch with rocking chairs, and a large two seater swing. We would sit out on it in the mornings and drink our coffee and spend lazy Sunday afternoons drinking sweet tea and chatting about nothing. Right now I have a tiny concrete pad thing……someday….for now I will continue to sit and enjoy the “thinking of it” πŸ™‚

  4. I love the study! So pretty! I dream of the day when I get to purchase the car I want and can stop driving the hand-me-down I’m currently driving. Also, of living in a house with a normal sized oven (our current house – a rental – and our last one – also a rental – had smaller ovens. You couldn’t put a full sized cookie sheet in either of them!)

    • Doh!! Curse the small ovens!!! Who thought of those things?? Our rental had an electric one that always burned the bottoms of my cookies and left the tops raw. Here’s to a sleek car and a sleek house with a sleek oven!!!

    • Ha!! True. I have scheduled reupholstering for the month of July. πŸ™‚ After this weekend, I shall hopefully have space in our new car (mini suv) to pick it up meself!

  5. So cute, I loved your post! Your study looks great so far and I would totally buy that desk too. It’s very Boomdee. Don’t those cat trees take up a lot of room, honestly, the things we live with for our critters.

    My dream is to a) find a house and b) make a crazy nice outdoor space with a fireplace on the patio so you could stay up late and be warm outside. Maybe a little water feature too….that’s all. πŸ˜€ Thanks for asking.

    • When you acquire that house and crazy outdoor space, I’m coming to visit. Those things are so nice and luxurious!! Adding that to my list. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you! My inspiration (and printable stencil) was from Jones Design Company. Good thing it was a small space–took me 24 hours over 6 days to complete!

  6. What is my dream….to have the job of painting the entire house completed. We have owned our home 10 years, and I didn’t start painting any of the rooms until a year or two ago. Only the dinning room, kitchen and laundry rooms are left, but they seem the most daunting! I have spent many hours “thinking” about these spaces. Maybe I need to take time to enjoy that part of it. πŸ™‚

    • Thinking many hours about a project is so smart. Hopefully it has made you mentally prepared to attack! Our laundry room needs new walls before I can paint them. So life could be more daunting for you. Ha ha! πŸ™‚ What colors do you plan on using for these last spaces?

  7. You crack me up…I know I say that every time, but you really do! I’m dying over your walls. Love them. Love your dream desk. That would be perfect!

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