When Only A Sweet Sara’s Cookie Will Do

Today is a very important day in our household because today Dave starts his new job!

As a way to celebrate, I wanted to surprise my husband with cookies on his first day.

And I knew just the ones I wanted…….

A couple months ago, I was browsing the ol’ Facebook when these outrageously cool cookies caught my eye:


(When your husband is a Batman freak, you tend to keep an eye out for Batman stuff.)

Turns out, the confections were made just down the street from my office at a home baking establishment called:


Intrigued by Sara’s knack with the Batman, I began browsing her photo gallery…


(Does anyone else suddenly have a hankering for cookies and cupcakes?)

What really struck me about Sara’s cookies was the level of excellence they were made with.

Even I, a stubborn do-it-yourselfer, knew I didn’t have the patience or skill to try to create my own version.  In fact, it would be a shame for me not to place an order!

In doing so, I discovered that Sara really is sweet.  🙂  She started the business a couple of years ago out of her home and tries to use local ingredients such as eggs and honey whenever possible.


Sweet Sara herself!

She was even gracious enough to share a couple decorating tips with me!

Tip #1: The trick is in the tools

Using the right tools makes all the difference when making intricate designs.


A few of these tools include:

*A spray bottle provides just the right amount of control when adding water to icing.

*Tips of all sizes are a must if you want controlled and detailed lines.

*White sanding sugar is a clean slate for mixing your own colors.

*Scrapbook paper is a great inspiration for color combinations and patterns. (not shown)

Tip #2: Custom-color your own sanding sugar

Red or yellow sanding sugar is easy to find…but aqua or lime?  Not so much.

Save time and money by purchasing white sanding sugar and coloring gel (both at Hobby Lobby) and mixing your own custom color.


You will need:

*1 cup white sanding sugar

*A few drops of food coloring gel (NOT the liquid food coloring)

*1/4 teaspoon cornstarch

*Ziploc baggie


Step 1: Pour sugar into the bag and add your coloring.

Step 2: Seal the bag and, leaving enough air in the bag for the sugar to move around, shake the bag.

Step 3: At this point the sugar will be damp.  Therefore….

Step 4: Add a small amount of cornstarch.

Step 5: Give the sugar another good shake.  Rub in any beads of the color gel that remain.

Step 6: Pour sugar on a parchment or wax paper-lined plate and allow to dry for about 15 minutes.


Thank you Sweet Sara’s for your beautiful creations!  I can’t wait to see Dave’s face when he gets his Batmans.  Batmen.  Whatever.


Share the love!  Support a local business!

Live in the Abilene area?  Order a batch of cookies or cupcakes by contacting Sara on her Facebook page.

Not in the Abilene area?  Unfortunately, home baking laws do not allow Sara to ship her creations. However, investigate to see if there are any excellent home bakers in your area!


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