The Brodiño


Proceed quietly, please.

Musn’t disturb Brody while he’s in his brodiño.


What is a “brodiño,” you ask?


It’s a word I made up that means “cat blanket cave.”

One day, while humming a old Mexican tune, I spotted Brody in his encasement and the word just popped out of my mouth.

(Around our house, cat-related [non] words are added to our vocabulary on a regular basis.)

We have found that Brody LOVES being under cover.  He’ll tunnel his way into the folds of his favorite mangy blanket and stay there for hours at a time.


While in his brodiño, Brody likes to purr and knead and ponder the meaning of life.


Pretty soon though, it will be too warm for a cat blanket cave.

Honestly, I am more than ready to rid our den of this eyesore of a blank—

“Ok, that’s enough!  You’ve lingered too long.  Go find your own brodiño and leave me in peace!”



Sorry Brody.

Well, you heard him.

Scram.  🙂

What are some words in your family’s cat vocabulary?


12 thoughts on “The Brodiño

  1. This is so funny. I just love pets and how they are such a fun and important addition to a family. We’ve had cats but they’ve always been exiled to the great outdoors because of allergies. But we have a dog who is funnier that all get out .

    Lori @ A Bright and Beautiful Life

  2. It’s like when we were kids and building tents out of all our bedding, I can totally see the appeal Brody! I find myself saying snoozaroonie a lot. Like when Blossum’s on the cat tree in the sun, “you catching a sunny little snoozaroonie Blossum?” BTW, I haven’t heard the world ‘scram’ in a long time….that made me laugh. I’m going to work it into my day somehow, LOL

    • Haha, let me know how you used “scram” in a sentence. Snoozaroonie is an adorable word! I’m thinking that will be a good word to describe the hot weather napping funk my kitties have been in. 🙂

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