The Very Important Paper Sack

For the past two months, this paper sack has occupied the corner of our bedroom.


I’d gladly toss the thing out, but this extra large fast food carry-out bag holds precious contents.


If you’ve ever owned a cat, then you know that they treasure:

  • paper
  • caves
  • any paper that can be used as a cave

Exposed rump aside, Baby Girl thinks she’s invisible right now so pretend you can’t see her.


Paper bags also transform cats into ninja’s, so be prepared for an attack.


Once a paper sack enters our house, it takes roughly two days to go from perky to disheveled thanks to multiple pouncings and rounds of “Choo-Choo Train.”  (A game where Baby Girl jumps into the bag and I pull her around the room hooting and hollering like a locomotive.)


However, despite its torn sides and missing handles, this sack is not refuse yet.

No, sir!

Not by a long shot!

Now it can finish out its days as a:

  • lounging medium
  • cave
  • bunker
  • fort
  • slip’n’slide
  • strong hold
  • best friend


Or maybe I should just order out from Jason’s Deli again…

Does YOUR cat have a similar fetish?  🙂


8 thoughts on “The Very Important Paper Sack

  1. What we do for our pets!! Currently our youngest cat as taken up residence in our dogs crate! Lets just say Tripper is not too happy about that. That is his safe place to chill out and relax. Even funnier is that the 65 pound golden retriever is terrified of the 6 pound cat and lays outside the crate patiently waiting for Henry to leave so he can go in!

    • This is too cute for words! Cats are so mean. I bet 99% of the time Henry goes in there to irk Tripper. 🙂 Our critters sure do keep up laughing.

  2. awwww, lovin’ all those photo’s of your sweet Baby Girl. I can totally see you marching around making train noises too…snort, you’re funny. I never thought of a paper bag being a new best friend either LOL. Petals and Blossum are continually climbing into open drawers. I accidentally left my PJ drawer open and now everything is full of hair 😀 and somehow Petals got in behind an open pot drawer in the kitchen and when I went to close it again, she squeaked. I had to take everything out including the drawer so she would come out……needless to say, there may be hair in our dinner along the way.

    • Haha! WHAT is it about the kitchen cabinets? Baby loves to venture back there when she wants my attention. Silly kitties. Hair-free clothing and food is a pipe dream for us, huh? haha:)

  3. This is so funny. Cats are so funny. We’ve had two that highly entertained us. But now we’re dog people because we’re all allergic to cats ~ but they, too, are entertaining in their own way. Our dog Dexter, a 5 yr old beagle, thinks he’s human and wants to do everything with us until it’s time to ride in the car. Then he hides from us because he HATES it.
    Your cat is gorgeous.
    We love Jason’s Deli but don’t have one here in Boise so we can only eat there a couple of times a year when we make the trek to SLC.

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