Brody and the Grasshopper

As much as I love my cat children, they are terrible hunters.  For instance, two months ago, Brody caught a mouse (hurray!) and then carried it upstairs where we were sleeping (what are you doing?!).

The rest of the story involves 20 minutes of us chasing the mouse through the house with a broom.  Whenever we would spot the mouse, we would shout for Brody or Baby Girl to come get it.  (In other words, the humans hunted the mouse.)  Sure, the cats would run right over and search frantically…but to no avail.

In the end, the mouse crept away while all four of us searched for him under the couch.

Fast forward to this week.

I let Brody outside and, while lounging on the deck, he spotted a grasshopper on the side of the house.  He carefully studied the insect’s movements and when the moment presented itself, he pounced!


Ho ho, way to go, old boy!  Now, finish that tomato-killer off!


…what are you doing?

After carrying the grasshopper around in his mouth, he finally dropped it on the rug (which I happened to be in the middle of painting) where he and his prey engaged in a staring session.


Not wanting to let the grasshopper off so easy, Brody approached him again, ready to begin another round of torture.

That is until…


While Brody considered the bird, our pal Grasshopper took this moment to hop away.


In a last ditch effort, Brody lunged at the grasshopper who then flew right at me resulting in a lot of screaming and flailing on my part.

By the end of the tussle, this was all my cat had to show for:


What would you call this?  A femur?  A drumstick?  (BTW, notice the toothmark on its side?)

Whatever it is, I’d say a punctured grasshopper thigh is the best that we can expect from our perhaps-talented-in-other-ways felines.


The Very Important Paper Sack

For the past two months, this paper sack has occupied the corner of our bedroom.


I’d gladly toss the thing out, but this extra large fast food carry-out bag holds precious contents.


If you’ve ever owned a cat, then you know that they treasure:

  • paper
  • caves
  • any paper that can be used as a cave

Exposed rump aside, Baby Girl thinks she’s invisible right now so pretend you can’t see her.


Paper bags also transform cats into ninja’s, so be prepared for an attack.


Once a paper sack enters our house, it takes roughly two days to go from perky to disheveled thanks to multiple pouncings and rounds of “Choo-Choo Train.”  (A game where Baby Girl jumps into the bag and I pull her around the room hooting and hollering like a locomotive.)


However, despite its torn sides and missing handles, this sack is not refuse yet.

No, sir!

Not by a long shot!

Now it can finish out its days as a:

  • lounging medium
  • cave
  • bunker
  • fort
  • slip’n’slide
  • strong hold
  • best friend


Or maybe I should just order out from Jason’s Deli again…

Does YOUR cat have a similar fetish?  🙂

The Brodiño


Proceed quietly, please.

Musn’t disturb Brody while he’s in his brodiño.


What is a “brodiño,” you ask?


It’s a word I made up that means “cat blanket cave.”

One day, while humming a old Mexican tune, I spotted Brody in his encasement and the word just popped out of my mouth.

(Around our house, cat-related [non] words are added to our vocabulary on a regular basis.)

We have found that Brody LOVES being under cover.  He’ll tunnel his way into the folds of his favorite mangy blanket and stay there for hours at a time.


While in his brodiño, Brody likes to purr and knead and ponder the meaning of life.


Pretty soon though, it will be too warm for a cat blanket cave.

Honestly, I am more than ready to rid our den of this eyesore of a blank—

“Ok, that’s enough!  You’ve lingered too long.  Go find your own brodiño and leave me in peace!”



Sorry Brody.

Well, you heard him.

Scram.  🙂

What are some words in your family’s cat vocabulary?

What the Cats Have Been Up To….

The cats have been asking why I haven’t posted about them in a while.

They’ve also been requesting a lunchtime meal and more tuna-flavored snacks.

I think I’ll just address the former for now.

Here’s what the critters have been up to these days….


An afternoon discussion about how much they like to bask in the sun.


Brody discovers that he might just prefer rolling in cat mint over basking in the sun.


A morning squirrel-watching underway.


Alas, there never seems to be enough room on a window sill.


And never too much sleep to catch up on.


And when Brody isn’t snoozing…


…he’s charming his parents.


Me, too?  Me, too?  I can charm, too!

Happy Tuesday!