My Furniture Wish List

When it comes to furniture, I am all about hunting around yardsales and thrift stores for pieces.  This is because I think that it’s absolutely ridiculous to pay $165 for a bedside table!  (And that’s if you want a cheaply-made bedside table!)  No, I’d much rather spend $5 on an ugly but well-built chair and have it reupholstered.  (More on this later!)

However, there comes a time in every frugal person’s life when they must visit an actual furniture store for more specific pieces.  (shudder!) 

These specific pieces are as follows:

My Furniture Wish List

#1: A modest-sized roll-top desk (for our modest-sized study)

#2: A chaise lounge (I have the perfect space for one in our living room)


Though this white chaise has nice bones, I would prefer one in a fun toile print.

#3: A small chaise sofa (for lounging in the upstairs art/entertainment room)

#4: A corner entertainment unit (a space-saver for our cozy little den)

#5: A trundle bed (perfect size and functionality for our small guest bedroom)

Who knows?  I just might come across one or all of these items during my wanderings through my usual haunts.  And on that day I will be the happiest shopper in the world!